Indian Government, WHO Launch WhatsApp Chatbots to Provide Coronavirus Information


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, fake news and misinformation are getting an enormous issue across the world. alongside that, there’s confusion among people about the Coronavirus, how it spreads, and therefore the symptoms that a COVID-19 infected person exhibits. to form it slightly less difficult to combat these issues, various governmental and non-governmental organizations are launching chatbots to dispense information to the masses.

The Indian government, and WHO both have their own WhatsApp chatbots which will be accessed by anyone looking to urge information about the pandemic. Here’s the way to contact the chatbots.

Indian Government’s WhatsApp Chatbot

The chatbot made by the Indian Government is often accessed by simply adding “+919013151515” to your WhatsApp contacts. Once done, you’ll send messages to the chatbot. The chatbot can help inform users of the virus and its symptoms, the way to reduce the risk of infection, the way to get help, and, it even includes professional advice from the director of AIIMS.

Furthermore, the bot shows up links and phone numbers that users can use if they have more information or any kind of help. If you don’t want to feature the chatbot to your contacts, simply click on this link (from your phone) to send a message on to the amount without saving it first.

WHO Chatbot

The World Health Organisation also features a WhatsApp chatbot which will be accessed by adding “+41798931892” to your contacts. The chatbot offers information like the present number of COVID-19 cases within the world, ways to guard against the virus, news, travel advice, and more. It also features a myth busters section which is handy to possess because, with the pandemic, there’s also tons of random information circulating on the web. If you don’t wish to save lots of the chatbot to your contacts, you’ll simply click on this link (from your phone) to send a message without saving the amount.

Using chatbots to assist dispense actual, verified information to the masses may be a great idea by both the planet Health Organisation and therefore the Indian Government. WhatsApp’s huge penetration within the market, in India and globally, makes it perfectly positioned to be an excellent tool for authorities to make sure that fake news and panic doesn’t spread among people. you ought to definitely try accessing these chatbots and seeing the knowledge that’s available. Also, confirm you’re following quarantines (if any) and wash your hands frequently and properly.

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