Motorola Edge+


#Absolute Everything

Ready for something different? The new Motorola edge+ has the fastest speeds, the highest resolution smartphone camera, the loudest audio1, and the boldest display.

Fastest processor​

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865 Mobile Platform is the world’s fastest, with an AI engine that can process 15 trillion operations per second. Add to that 12GB of DDR5 memory and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage for faster bandwidth and lower battery drain. It’s all the power you can handle.

More than two days of battery life

It doesn’t matter how great your phone is if the battery won’t last. With a monster 5000mAh battery, go more than 2 full days without plugging in. Wired and wireless Turbo Power charging gives you hours of power in minutes. Lend some juice to accessories and other devices with wireless power sharing.

Loudest, most powerful stereo sound

Two powerful stereo speakers produce the loudest, most powerful audio output ever on a smartphone. Audio tuning technology from Waves, recipient of a technical GRAMMY Award®, delivers professional-quality sonic performance with deeper, fuller sound that envelops you.

Fastest 5G & 4G speeds ever​

Step into the future of connectivity and feel the rush of lightning-fast 5G, plus the super speed and bandwidth of WIFI 6. Ready for the fastest possible data speeds ever in a smartphone We thought so.

Motorola edge+ is the phone for you’ve been looking for. No clunky software skins. No duplicate apps. Just the best phone for Android lovers, hands down.

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