Next Generation Google Chromecast Ultra may Get a Dedicated Remote, based on Android TV


Google’s Chromecast Ultra has become a really successful product within the Made By Google Portfolio. However, it’s faced stiff competition from other streaming hardware like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, etc. Now, Google could be performing on the second generation of the Chromecast Ultra which could accompany its own remote.

In an FCC document that was spotted on March 10th, Google has passed a foreign which is alleged to accompany the 2nd Generation Chromecast Ultra. immediately codenamed ‘Sabrina’, the Chromecast Ultra will come all the expected features like support for 4K HDR content, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, the 2 rumors that are the foremost interesting is that Google will develop the Chromecast to run full-fledged Android TV which it’ll accompany its own dedicated remote. this may bring the Chromecast on par feature-wise with the favored Fire Stick from Amazon with the power to run apps like YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu.

The remote will likely be cross-over between the Daydream View remote and an Apple TV remote, with a microphone and a fanatical Google Assistant button. it’ll even have the support to be programmable to your TV. Google typically releases new Made By Google products during its annual I/O conference. However, with this year’s I/O being canceled thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s unclear on when it’ll get announced or released.

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