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NOKIA 5310

Never Miss a Beat

Let the music flow with the MP3 Player and FM Radio and hear every call with the powerful dual front facing speakers. Stay connected with a battery life that’s there for you after day. Keep it fresh with a revamped design of an old favourite.

Bring it on

Feel fired up and ready to go with Nokia 5310. With a long lasting battery, durable design and reliable technology, this is a phone that won’t let you down.

Stay connected 24/7

Stay connected with a battery that lasts for weeks in standby mode or for hours of call time without charging. Plus, with the powerful front facing speakers, You’ll hear every call, loud and clear.

The return of a classic

With easy to use buttons, smooth curves and a comfortable grips, Nokia 5310 is a new take on an old favourite an iconic design with a fresh face.

Dual Front Facing Speaker
Loud and Proud

Enjoy loud, bold music and radio – all day long, Thanks to the dual front facing speakers.

MP3 Player
Start the party any where

Keep the beats flowing with the built-in MP3 Player an dedicated music buttons. Load your favourite tracks onto a 32GB memory card and enjoy your tunes wherever you go – everything’s better with the sound track.

FM Radio
Stay tuned all day

Settle in to the sounds of your favorite radio stations with the built in FM radio. No need for headphones – simply switch it on and listen straight from the loud front speaking speakers.

Music in its blood

See what’s playing at a glance with the clear, curved display. Change up the beat, anytime, with the dedicated music buttons. Let the tunes flow with the phone that’s keep up with rhythms of your day.

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