Photography. Redefined.

Extreme Night vision | Gimbal Stabilization

X-Class Design
Crafted for Distinction

X50 Pro brings in a new era of smartphone design, juxtaposing art and technology seamlessly. Every aspect of aesthetic is carefully crafted, from the positioning of the camera modules to the finish to the exquisite hues. It simply elevates your stature and makes you stand out in the crowd of commonality.

5G Speed & Powerful Performance
Full Speed Ahead

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G Mobile Platform boasts both high-end flagship performance and low energy consumption – so you can run multiple apps simultaneously, or play resource-heavy games without any lag.
5G connectivity* means you can enjoy vastly improved call quality, lightning quick data downloads and lower latency. The end result is lower waits, and a lot more excitement.
The vivo Energy Guardian is your most efficient tool to counter the elevated energy consumption typically associated with high performance displays. It utilizes multiple energy consumption optimization techniques to perfectly balance peak performance with elevated power sustenance.

vivo 33W Flash Charge 2.0
Charge in a Flash

To sustain the superior performance and capabilities X50 Pro brings, a 4315 mAh long lasting battery gives you all the power needed for those high intensity days. The 33W Flash Charge 2.0 helps you regain battery charge almost instantly so that your quest to achieve your dreams carries on without a glitch.

Gimbal Camera System
Pro Level Stabilization

Very rarely does a new technology usher a complete revolution, not just a minor improvement. X50 Pro’s Gimbal Camera System does exactly that in the realm of photography stability. It uses mechanical movement to achieve flexible 3D stabilization and can cover angles 300% larger than traditional OIS. Move any way you like – from walking to skateboarding – and X50 Pro will deliver results whose accuracy will make you go ‘wow’!

The ‘Big Eye’
Camera Your Eye to the World

vivo’s revolutionary ‘Big Eye’ rear main camera sits on a Double-Ball Suspension Mount, granting graceful visible movement for you to soak the majesty around while you capture stunning photos and videos. Witness its movement while it tracks objects, or pivots back into place on reset.

Extreme Night Vision
See in Almost No Light

For those almost no light moments, Extreme Night Vision kicks in automatically when maximal darkness is detected. Together with the AI Noise Cancellation algorithm, it penetrates the darkest night and captures even the finer details.

Astro Mode
Capture the Starry Sky

Capturing the gorgeous starry sky is a stiff challenge courtesy of the smear of stars caused by Earth’s rotation and the low luminosity. With X50 Pro’s Gimbal camera system and advanced Sky Divider algorithm, the sky is separated from the ground, multiple frames are shot, and then assembled back together through an Alignment algorithm. The Astro Mode is bound to appeal to the curious astronomer in you!

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