Xiaomi Surpasses Huawei to Become Third-Biggest Smartphone Maker in Feb 2020


A new report from marketing research firm Strategy Analytics (via Sina Tech) reveals that Xiaomi has surpassed Huawei for the primary time to emerge because of the top-third smartphone brand within the month of February in terms of worldwide smartphone sales.

The report credits Xiaomi’s online-centric smartphone sales for creating this possible. consistent with the report, Huawei shipped 5.5 million smartphones in February whereas Xiaomi shipped 6 million devices during an equivalent period. to place that in perspective, Huawei shipped 12.2 million handsets in January while Xiaomi made 10 million smartphone shipments within the same month.

The numbers were low across the board, mainly thanks to the continued coronavirus pandemic. consistent with Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments fell 38 percent year-on-year from 99.2 million units in February (2019) to 61.8 million in February (2020), making it rock bottom fall ever.

“February 2020 saw the most important fall ever within the history of the worldwide smartphone market. Supply and demand of smartphones plunged in China, slumped across Asia, and slowed within the remainder of the planet. it’s a period the smartphone industry will want to forget.”, said Neil Mawston, an executive at Strategy Analytics during a statement.

Samsung topped the table with 18.2 million shipments, followed by Apple at 10.2 million. Other Chinese companies like Oppo and Vivo also recorded a low number of shipments. Take a glance at the table below for the precise numbers.

With more and more countries nearing lockdown to scale back the spread of coronavirus, the smartphone sales numbers are likely to travel further low next month before it gets any better.

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